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Cambridge AS/A Levels Online

Watch the videos and read the following in English.

AS & A LEVELS - Sixth Form (Key Stage 5-Ages 17-19)
IWS aims to make the step-up from GCSE to A-levels smooth and seamless for students.

Online studies at our school promise great flexibility, allowing students to fit their academic schedule around their lifestyle. Our teachers strive to promote independent learning and critical thinking in learners.

A-levels are recognised worldwide by prestigious universities and top employers, maximising our students’ chances of securing a spot in their dream institutes and organisations.

Limited Students, Fewer Distractions
At IWS, we focus on providing quality education with minimum distractions – and smaller class sizes help us achieve just that.

We have a dedicated team of experienced online teachers trained to nurture and support students so that they may perform to the best of their abilities. They give individual attention to learners who require additional help as well as those who like to challenge themselves to perform better every day.

24/7 Access To Online Resources
All online classes are recorded, which means IWS students can revisit any A-level lesson for quick revision or exam preparation. We also have multiple after-school clubs that students can join for enhanced social engagement.

Support For University And Job Applications
At IWS, we use BridgeU to conduct comprehensive career analysis through career and personality tests. Students and parents can access the results on the online portal.

Our teachers go out of their way to help A-levels students draft compelling personal statements and create a strong Oxbridge and UCAS application. They also help students explore various career options and make well-informed decisions.

A-Level Course Options

IWS accommodates students seeking to combine their current studies with our online courses for further study or exam preparation.

A-level courses options include:
1. A Level Computer Science
2. A Level Geography
3. A-Level Physics
4. A Level Economics
5. A Level French Language
6. A Level Mathematics
7. A Level Business
8. A Level Mathematics – Further
9. A Level Sociology
10. A Level Psychology
11. A Level Spanish Language
12. A Level German Language
13. A Level History
14. A Level Biology
15. A Level Chemistry
16. Sixth Form English Language
17. A – Level English Literature
18. AS/A Level Chinese Language Curriculum

Additional Subjects:
1. A Level Music
2. A Level Drama
3. A Level Art and Design

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