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Cambridge IGCSE Online

Royal Canadian High School ve OSSD Kanada Lise Diploma programı hakkında tüm sorularınızın cevabını bulmak için tıklayın.

Watch the videos and read the following in English.

Cambridge Upper Secondary (IGCSE)
Key Stage 4 prepares online learners for further studies.

A Flexible British Online School System For IGCSE Students
Our two-year programme is a stepping stone to internationally recognised and certified Cambridge examinations. It is accepted by prestigious universities and employers worldwide, serving as a global passport for educational and professional growth and success.

Students’ performance at this level is considered a mark of their knowledge level and skill quality.

Studying at International Well Rounded School allows you to receive IGSCE qualifications through an accessible virtual learning programme. We provide an excellent combination of core subjects (English, Math, and Science) with optional subjects to align with student interests.
Our student-centred lessons promote independent learning and intellectual thinking through skill-building activities. Live lessons take place through the student portal in private virtual classrooms.

Understanding The IWS Upper Secondary Programme
Our Cambridge International school teaches seven core IGCSE courses online. Prospective students should select their IWS programme according to board regulated options.
Here’s how you can customise your timetable:

Core Subjects
Students are required to study the 7 core subjects, which include English, mathematics, global perspective, science, and humanities, as well as two additional subjects of their choice. These courses are compulsory for every student enrolled in our upper secondary online programme.

Student must choose at least one English Language course among:
1. IGCSE English as First Language
2. IGCSE English Literature
3. IGCSE English as Second Language

All students are required to study:
1. IGCSE Additional Mathematics
2. IGCSE Global Perspectives

Science Options:

Students are required to study at least one science subject. They can add more subjects if they are interested in pursuing a STEM-based career.

Your choices include:
1. IGCSE Biology
2. IGCSE Chemistry
3. IGCSE Physics
4.IGCSE Computer Science

Humanities Options
Students are required to select at least one subject from this category. These subjects introduce learners to explore social, cultural, and creative concepts.

Your choices include:
1. IGCSE History
2. IGCSE Geography
3. IGCSE Sociology
4. IGCSE Economics

5. IGCSE Business Studies

Modern Languages
Our Cambridge International school encourages students to expand their language and communication skills by studying foreign languages. We have a diverse range of courses to match language proficiency. It depends on the nationality and regional background of our learners.

These include:
1. Cambridge IGCSE Chinese – First Language (0509)
2. Cambridge IGCSE Chinese – Second Language (0523)
3. Cambridge IGCSE French- First Language (0501)
4. Cambridge IGCSE French- Foreign Language (0520)
5. IGCSE German – First Language
6. IGCSE German – Foreign Language

7. IGCSE Spanish – First Language
8. IGCSE Spanish – Foreign Language

Arts Subjects
Please keep in mind that Arts Subjects are not complete IGCSE qualifications and so do not count as IGCSE equivalents on college or university applications. They can, however, supplement pupils’ education by allowing them to pursue a specific passion or by assisting them in developing an art or photography portfolio.

1. IGCSE Art and Design
2. IGCSE Music

Our Approach
As a British online school, we conduct live classes according to a proper timetable. Students will receive their respective timetables at the beginning of the term. In addition to this, they have complete access to recorded lessons. They can use this privilege at all hours to work on independent studying tasks.

Each class features a combination of individual assignments and group activities. We use whiteboards, sharing screens and other learning technology to create an immersive learning experience for our students. The classes are followed by marked assignments, summative and formative assessments. After this, students receive progress reports to identify their strengths and weaknesses in each subject.

Our qualified teachers and subject coordinators leave room for one-on-one learning to support students with special needs, in addition to those unfamiliar with a specific concept or theory. We also appreciate students for active class participation to encourage interpersonal skills.

Academic Support
Our admission team strives to create equal educational opportunities for students from diverse backgrounds. Don’t hesitate to contact our administrative faculty and subject coordinators if your child experiences difficulties in attending live lessons.

Moreover, book a call to discuss subject costs and complete tuition fees before selecting your programme. Reaching out to our team beforehand can prevent problems at a later stage.

Are you interested in enrolling in our online Sixth Form programme? Contact with us.Whatsapp: +90 546 517 22 44
Direk Cep: 542 668 055 52
E mail:

Royal Canadian High School ve OSSD Kanada Lise Diploma programı hakkında tüm sorularınızın cevabını bulmak için tıklayın.

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